Seattle, WA – February 11, 2015 — Blood Bank Computer Systems, Inc. (BBCS) today announced that through an agreement between BBCS, Inc. and Digi-Trax® Corporation, ABO Wheels™ (the latest in blood collection technology from BBCS) will include a feature allowing on-demand printing of skiniDIN™ ISBT-128 unit identification labels (created by Digi-Trax Corporation). This enhancement is the latest chapter in a long standing collaboration between BBCS and Digi-Trax which has led to several industry firsts, including on-demand piggyback label printing. The new skiniDIN technology allows for a lower cost label and a “print-as-you-need-it” concept throughout the entire collection and manufacturing process.

“The need to reduce cost in the blood supply chain is paramount to the industry today,” says Brian Forbis, vice president of BBCS. “The inclusion of the skiniDIN labeling system in ABO Wheels is another example where waste can be removed from the process to reduce cost. We continually seek out collaborative opportunities to bring fresh innovative ideas to the industries we serve. Digi-Trax’s new skiniDIN labeling system is a great example where through technology and collaboration we can reduce cost, errors and time for our users,” Forbis says.

ABO Wheels received its 510(k) clearance on December 16th, 2014 and has been involved in a pilot program involving two US based Blood Centers.

“We are so pleased to collaborate with BBCS on this automation initiative. With today’s climate of decreasing blood usage, we know how important it is for blood collection centers to reduce costs,” says Jeff Kriozere, president of Digi-Trax® Corporation. Kriozere added, “BBCS has been a strong, loyal and long term partner of ours for years. We believe our new automated, flexible and simple to use process will significantly streamline the flow of blood products from start to finish.”

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About BBCS

For over 30 years, Blood Bank Computer Systems, Inc. (BBCS) has been a dedicated partner to the blood banking industry. BBCS has chosen to remain privately owned to ensure that we can focus on fulfilling our commitments to our clients, the communities that they serve, and the industry. By establishing an annual BBCS CEO Summit, hosting annual meetings with our User Group, and participating in industry conferences we have built rich partnerships with our clients, vendors, and industry organizations.

These partnerships enable us to attain our goals of developing new innovations in blood bank automation that give our clients a competitive edge while providing lifesaving risk management solutions. Our clients experience many of the benefits of BECS system ownership without the hassles.

At BBCS, our Mission, Vision, and Values are deeply ingrained in everything we do, and we take pride in exemplifying these qualities every day.

About Digi-Trax

Digi-Trax® Corporation serves the healthcare and life sciences communities as a Value-Added-Reseller (VAR) and Systems Integrator (SI). Our solutions focus on bar code and RFID identification. Digi-Trax provides systems, hardware, software, supplies and manufacturer-authorized technical support services. Our target markets are all laboratory operations, blood collection centers, blood transfusion services and clinical patient identification environments.