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BBCS Integrations


Integration via APIs to online platform that facilitates the efficient distribution of lifesaving blood products.

Degree 37

Integration via APIs to enhance and streamline donor engagement with a cutting-edge unified donor engagement platform.


Interface to assist personnel with the remote allocation of appropriate blood for eligible patients.


Interface to assist hospital and blood establishment personnel in shipping/receiving and transfusion services.

Fenwal DXT

Interface to support the automated collection process using the DXT Relay software.

Terumo BCT Vista

Interface to support the Trima collection using the Terumo Vista software.

MacoMix HM20

Certified interface to the MacoMix HM20 blood monitor, mixer and data management device.

Applied Science
HemoFlow 400XS

Certified interface to the HemoFlow 400XS portable blood scale and mixer to improve collection efficiency and simplify processes.