Blood Bank Management Software

Built on a foundation of over 40 years of software and medical industry expertise, we provide advanced, easy-to-use biologics management software for modernizing and optimizing your operations.

Empower your mission with the cutting edge in biologics management.

As technology marches on, legacy blood bank management software can sometimes feel like it’s getting in the way of your mission. Imagine not having to navigate around cumbersome software, and instead shaping your software to your processes. You’ll be free to provide a more efficient donor environment, protect sensitive patient and donor data, maintain regulatory adherence, and ultimately, do the most good within your organization.

Take a proactive step today to reinforce your commitment to delivering high-quality biologic products and saving lives.

Advanced Software Solutions for the Biologics Industry

Blood and plasma donation, transfusion, cellular therapy, and cutting-edge biologics research all depend on a secure, efficient Blood Establishment Computer System (BECS) to support their operations and data management. With our advanced, cloud-based platform, the entire industry has efficient, integrated tools that are responsive to the needs of both donors and staff at its fingertips.







ForLife™ – The Ultimate in Biologics Management Software

Blood collection, cell therapy, transfusion, and plasma donation centers all have their own unique needs for a digital biologics management system that can effectively meet the changing demands of their staff, donors, patients, and regulatory environments as their communities’ needs evolve. At BBCS, we provide solutions tailored to everybody in the biologics industry—not just blood banks.


More Than Just Blood Bank Management Software

ForLife™ is more than a BECS—it’s a flexible tool to modernize biologics management. With build-it-your-way customizability, blood and plasma centers, cell therapy providers, and research organizations can all tailor ForLife™ to meet the unique needs of their staff and donors alike.


A Single, Cloud-Based System for the Biologics Industry

ForLife™ unlocks your laboratory's full potential – offering comprehensive analytics and delivering white-glove services for your donors. Whether on desktop or mobile, our secure cloud-based platform ensures the insights and flexibility to manage operations wherever you are.


FDA Cleared Biologics Software Products

We understand the complexities of regulatory compliance and how easily your work can be derailed without constant vigilance. At the core of our platform, sits Blood Bank Control System, a 510(k) cleared BECS. ForLife™ is also both HIPAA and SOC 2 Type 2 compliant.


Comprehensive Product Support

ForLife™ is the ultimate biologics management platform, expertly managed from day one. By integrating ForLife™ into your organization, you gain unparalleled access to over 40 years of software and industry expertise from our dedicated team, along with professional support resources available 24/7.

ForLife™ is the biologics software your organization deserves.

Find Solutions to the Pressing Biologics Industry Problems Holding You Back

Blood and biotherapy organizations worldwide use our software to:


Solve a wide range of problems with a single purpose-built, integrated system


Maximize laboratory throughput and ensure compliance in lab operations


Streamline blood donor screening and registration for a superior white-glove donor experience


Streamline order processes for hospital customers to reach more patients, faster


Move seamlessly from desktop to mobile environments with a cloud-based BECS platform


Organize all data under a single database and eliminate manual entry for improved accuracy


Put key analytics and metrics at your fingertips with customizable scorecards


Optimize your donor room by shortening donor appearance time


Increase the efficiency of your drives


Manage donors, tests, products, and order records


Ensure your regulatory compliance needs are met as your community’s needs evolve

Your Source for Biologics Software Expertise

BBCS is firmly committed to continuous development and improvement of not only our software offerings, but our clients’ operations. We provide complete product support from the start of our partnership that doesn’t stop at implementation. Our promise to you goes well beyond the sale, supporting you every step of the way, along with 24/7 access to a full suite of resources in our Knowledge Base.

From implementation checklists to ensure compliance to risk mitigation and management guides, we provide the tools you need to help you succeed.

Ensure Regulatory Compliance With BBCS

Blood Establishment Computer Systems are designated as a regulated medical device by the FDA. Specific modules of our software solutions are FDA cleared to assist blood and biotherapy organizations in adapting to all their compliance needs, especially organizations whose expanding operations or changing community needs mean new regulatory requirements to abide by.


  • Blood Bank Control System, V 6.0 510(k) cleared #BK220790

ABO Suite

  • ABO QuickPass, Version 1.0.0 510(k) cleared #BK140130, #BK140198
  • ABO Express, Version 2.0.0 510(k) cleared #BK160011
  • ABO LabLink, Version 5.0.0 510(k) cleared #BK040087
  • ABO Wheels, Version 1.0.0 510(k) cleared #BK140184

Getting Started with the Best in Biologics and Blood Bank Management Software

It takes only three steps to take full advantages of new features to support your operations and your mission.



Delve into ForLife™ with a demo by BBCS’s support team and discover how we can customize it to meet the unique needs of your staff, donors, and patients.



Set up a service level agreement (SLA) that best suits your needs, budget, and in-house technical resources. You can scale your SLA up or down at any time.



Get full onboarding support and training as we implement your new custom BECS – from discovery and development to final launch and support.