Plasma Centers

Drive new breakthroughs and meet challenges of your plasma collection center with a fully scalable, state-of-the-art biologics management platform.

Plasma collection centers at the forefront of innovation deserve an ally, not a setback.

In the dynamic landscape of plasma innovation, your collection center’s operations are only as good as the systems and processes behind them. Without it, your mission can only go so far. When medical advancements are on the line, you need a dedicated partner for efficiency. Collaborating closely with plasma collection centers, BBCS is committed to delivering software to enhance operational ease, making the entire collection process smooth and straightforward for donors, to ensure your research efforts are never held back.

In the relentless pursuit of innovation, success lies in adaptability and collaboration.

With ForLife™ and BBCS, everything your plasma center needs is at your fingertips.

Build a powerful, flexible, adaptable biologics management platform that leverages cutting-edge cloud technology to grow with your organization and your community, fully managed and supported by experts with 40 years of experience in overcoming the unique challenges of blood plasma donation centers of all shapes and sizes.


40+ Years of Blood and Biotherapy Technology Innovation


Unwavering Commitment to Your Mission


Endlessly Customizable Biologics Management Solutions

What do you need in plasma software?


Advanced Inventory Management

With efficient and accessible real-time tracking for plasma units, including monitoring expiration dates and ensuring proper storage conditions, blood plasma donation centers can minimize and prevent waste, errors, and lapses the availability of lifesaving plasma products.


High Quality Control Standards

Plasma centers need robust biologics management solutions that integrate smoothly with rigorous tools and processes for quality assurance throughout the plasma collection and processing pipeline, to provide only the best plasma products for patients with urgent needs.


Adaptable to Team and Donor Needs

ForLife™ delivers a scalable, smooth, and intuitive experience for both plasma donors and collection center teams. Robust data storage ensures efficient plasma donor management, complemented by a user-friendly interface that allows teams to collaborate across multiple locations.


Streamlined Efficiency

Maintaining a consistent and safe plasma supply means making it quick and easy for your donors to get in and get out. Blood plasma donation centers require biologics systems that not only streamline the donation process, enticing return visits, but also allow teams to efficiently manage donor data.

Discover the power of a blood plasma management platform that does it all.

Benefits and Unmatched Features

Flexible, Secure Cloud Technology

With ForLife™, your plasma center takes full advantage of robust and secure cloud engineering for a centralized, flexible biologics management solution that fully integrates with your existing systems, and easily scales to suit the changing needs of your organization and your community.

ForLife™ is a highly customizable platform that delivers all of the features you need in a plasma software solution to meet the unique demands of your staff, donors, and patients.

Unwavering Plasma Center Support

With BBCS on your side, you don’t just gain a technological advantage. From the moment we begin implementing your new, custom plasma software solution, we provide not only 24/7, 365-day tech support, but also consultation support from seasoned professionals with unrivaled expertise in the plasma industries.

You’ll also gain round-the-clock access to our Knowledge Base and other resources to make the most of your operations. Our clients are partners for life—you’ll never need another biologics management platform again.

Regulatory Compliance Support

Compliance with regulatory standards is essential for enhancing your organization’s research, maintaining your positive reputation, and minimizing the risks of operational challenges.

Our biologics management solutions provide the tools and features blood plasma donation centers need to facilitate adherence to FDA 510(k) regulations and other regulatory standards for record-keeping and plasma product quality.

Getting Started with BBCS and ForLife™

When your blood collection center uses ForLife™, you’ll never have to search for another partner again. Here’s where your search ends:



Delve into ForLife™ with a demo by BBCS’s support team and discover how we can customize it to meet the unique needs of your staff, donors, and patients.



Set up a service level agreement (SLA) that best suits your needs, budget, and in-house technical resources. You can scale your SLA up or down at any time.



Get full onboarding support and training as we implement your new custom BECS – from discovery and development to final launch and support.