Blood Bank Management System

The ABO Suite™ is a Blood Establishment Computer Software (BECS) solution that offers unparalleled functionality, ease, and efficiency. It incorporates the knowledge gained from decades of experience and builds on our robust BBCS business logic. Above all, we listened to feedback from customers to design and develop a system that would truly serve community blood centers today and well into the future. This leading-edge solution supports all facets of your operations: donor management, order fulfillment, inventory management, patient services, transfusion, compliance, and reporting.

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The ABO Suite of Blood Bank Applications

Blood Donor Screening and Registration

ABO QuickPass™ offers a breakthrough in donor screening and registration processing, with functions and capabilities beyond any other product on the market. BBCS understands how vitally important it is for you to manage the donor screening process thoroughly and with the utmost accuracy. At the same time, providing donors with a fast and customer-friendly experience ensures their satisfaction and willingness to continue a long-term relationship with your blood bank.

ABO QuickPass provides intuitive Computer Assisted Self Interview (CASI) capabilities that offer a whole new ease and simplicity for your donors, and help dramatically increase throughput at your center. ABO QuickPass enables prospective donors to access and respond to history and screening questions online prior to their arrival at your blood center, in the privacy of their home or anywhere they have an internet connection. Alternatively, they can quickly complete the CASI process on site at the donation location using a tablet or workstation kiosk.

By automating the screening process, ABO QuickPass also vastly enhances accuracy. It includes automated checks and reminders to ensure no critical elements are missed. In addition, the easy electronic data capture of the tool significantly reduces your staff’s daily management time.

Powerful Features of ABO QuickPass

  • Using the ABO QuickPass Web Portal, your donors can complete donor history questionnaires quickly, thoroughly, and privately.
  • Once the questionnaire is complete, a barcoded, encrypted pass containing question responses is sent directly to the donor’s smartphone.
  • Once the donor arrives at the donation site, an ABO QuickPass kiosk allows the donor to drill down to respond to comprehensive follow-up questions.
  • Questions can be configured with rich images and audio to present travel maps, medication lists, instructions, or any desired image.
  • The system suggests deferrals based upon question responses, and tracks the occurrence date of deferral activities, reducing the need for management review.
  • ABO QuickPass is completely integrated into the ABO Suite. Questionnaires are permanently stored with the donor record for easy look back.

Implementation of ABO Express and ABO Wheels is required for clients wishing to utilize the offline paperless features included with the ABO QuickPass application.

ABO QuickPass 510(k) cleared #BK140130, #BK140198

ABO Wheels™ is a comprehensive blood collection application that can be used either at a collection facility or a non-fixed site regardless of connectivity to the main database. It enables your staff to conduct efficient, safe, and paperless donor registration and screening, and record data updates. Multiple remote events can be conducted at the same time. Updated information can be uploaded directly to the main database (when a connection is in place), or to a USB device or other removable media to be synchronized to the blood bank facility’s central database at a later time.

Features of ABO Wheels

Blood Collection Management Software

With a user-friendly and intuitive design, ABO Wheels is a flexible and robust system that offers:

  • Real-time, bedside entry of blood collection information via keyboard, hand-held scanners, touch screen, and more.
  • Dynamic user screens to collect information throughout the donation process such as donor registration, screening results posting, donor questionnaires, and phlebotomy results posting.
  • The ability to capture, store, update, and synchronize photos of donors and donor signatures. Electronic signatures can be used as proof of consent for donation.
  • ABO Wheels can even scan donor fingerprints—the latest in secure donor identification technology.

With ABO Wheels, staff can manage donation events on the fly, knowing that data is securely captured and will seamlessly integrate back into the master system so that your risk management, quality control, and compliance will not be compromised.

For easy deployment, ABO Wheels runs on standard PCs and media hardware. ABO Wheels can be set up with a secure private network to protect your data, with no connection to the internet required. It has robust data integration with the core ABO Express application, facilitating the maintenance of a complete electronic donor record.

Implementation of ABO Express is required for clients wishing to utilize the ABO Wheels application.

ABO Wheels 510(k) cleared #BK140184

Blood Establishment Computer System (BECS)

ABO Express™ is the core application in the ABO Suite of products, providing the foundation of a robust blood bank management software infrastructure. With state-of-the-art features and functionality, it has been systematically designed to operate in a secure environment and provide an integrated solution for blood banks, hospitals, transfusion services, compatibility labs, and plasma centers.

A key strength of the system is its rules-based design, which helps minimize risk by ensuring data and process consistency via automatic exception management. It also allows management to set business rules to tailor the system for your needs and reduce the need for daily activity review. ABO Express provides efficient, safe, and effective electronic management of the following activities:

Inventory control

ABO Express provides extensive inventory control capabilities that allow your staff to document the creation of new products from donated or imported products. BBCS applied a manufacturing mindset to the design of the inventory features, optimizing efficiency with scanning devices and automated data capture. ABO Express offers inquiry and reporting functions with selections based on unit number, inventory status and/or location, and expiration dates. Each step in the processing of a product is documented by multiple transaction records, ensuring that your authorized users have access to any unit’s current processing status and history to maximize product usage and minimize product waste. On demand labeling reduces errors and further enhances efficiency.

Donor testing

Laboratory personnel can efficiently post donor testing results and interpretations, evaluate the posted results, process quarantined inventory, and document donor deferrals for laboratory testing. Management can establish testing parameters based on a variety of inputs including donor question responses, test history, and current results. The creation and evaluation of all donor testing records is automatic based on management defined profiles. You’ll have complete flexibility in processing while still maintaining the process controls demanded for cGMP requirements.

Shipping and receiving

The shipping and receiving functions enable your staff to manage the handling and distribution of products, including transfusable products, products for further manufacture, and supplies. Staff can create stock orders, distribute orders, and generate reports for supervisory review to support effective utilization of inventory and reduce waste.

Reference laboratory

ABO Express helps your center’s reference laboratory technicians to quickly access required donor or patient phenotype history and available inventory, and to perform an on-line search of recorded history. They can record and maintain antigen and antibody history for donors, patients, and purchased inventory for both red cell antigen groups and HLA antigen groups. Technicians can also record processing and testing requirements for patients. Online search functions for each antigen group enable fast reporting of available inventory, or emergency recruiting of eligible donors when no active inventory is available for distribution.

Transfusion services

ABO Express supports transfusion services activity with easily configurable interfaces to hospital information systems and third-party blood distribution tools. A center’s transfusion technicians can create and maintain patient demographic records and process rules-based orders for transfusable products, incorporating testing and processing requirements. Recorded patient reference testing is available to speed review and processing.

Quality assurance

Your quality assurance (QA) departments can have full system access to review activity, identify possible user errors, and implement corrections. The ABO Express QA features provide general audit capabilities. Additionally, quality assurance mechanisms are built into each processing group.

Blood collection services

The Blood collection services features support the processing of donor collection information uploaded from ABO Wheels. Your nursing staff can efficiently document and review donor medical history and phlebotomy results, and perform corrective actions on uploaded units. Database inquiry and reporting functionality includes daily reporting of first-time donors, and managing changes to critical donor demographic information.

Management controls

ABO Express includes management controls for the creation and maintenance of user-modifiable table files that empower your facility to dictate most of the system decision algorithms. Few values are hard coded in the application, and ABO Express provides multiple mechanisms that allow you to adapt and configure the system to suit your blood center’s individual operating needs, facility parameters, and technology environment.

Additionally, ABO Express includes a complete range of Information Services management tools such as security administration, database management, and file maintenance to support smooth operation of the system. It also includes Billing features to support your accounts receivable processing in an online, fully automated environment. Each function in the ABO Express system that deals with the distribution of products, the donation of specially processed units, or the testing and processing of requested products may create an automatic accounts receivable record.

Implementation of ABO Express is required for clients wishing to utilize the offline features of the ABO Wheels application and the paperless features included with the ABO QuickPass application.

ABO Express 510(k) cleared #BK040056

Blood Ordering for Hospital Customers

ABO Market™ streamlines the ordering process for your hospital customers, enabling them to get the products they need when they need them. At the same time, it reduces the amount of manpower you need to process orders, and supports your fulfillment and inventory management with real-time data synchronization to ABO Express.

Hospital staff can access your ABO Market site via secure login. The site can be easily customized with your center’s branding to present a seamless identity and enhance customer service perception. An easy-to-read order detail screen displays all active orders for the hospital, and the system provides printable order confirmation. Automated tracking reports close the loop for your process management.

Implementation of ABO Express application is required for operation of ABO Market.

Laboratory Integration for Blood Banks

In today’s digitized, interconnected medical environment, you need instantaneous, automated, and error-free transmission of information between systems. ABO LabLink™ electronically transfers unit and specimen test results between the core ABO Express platform, other applications in the ABO Suite, and major healthcare information systems and devices.

Key Features of ABO LabLink

  • Results can be received from an outsourced testing facility, existing Lab Interface System (LIS) or directly from testing equipment.
  • Configurable to the testing needs of each blood center and interface via centralized interface utilities.
  • Variable transfer methods and transfer types are available, along with bi-directional exchange of testing requirements and test results.

One strength of ABO LabLink is its adaptability to a wide range of customer environments. It works seamlessly with multiple systems, equipment, and interfaces. The application does not require expensive customization, but is designed to be configurable to fit your needs and work with multiple different testing devices. A single, centralized interface utility offers easy set up and management of all configuration options.

Implementation of ABO Express application is required for operation of ABO LabLink.

ABO LabLink 510(k) cleared #BK040087

Blood Bank Management Dashboard

Have the operations of your facility at your fingertips with ABO Pulse™. A dashboard tool that tracks and compares key metrics, ABO Pulse provides visually appealing, interactive charts and graphs to leverage the vast amount of data stored within your applications.

Harnessing the power of the centralized database that underlies the entire ABO Suite of products, ABO Pulse is flexible and portable, allowing you to quickly adapt to the dynamic blood banking market. With just over 600 primary and drill downs charts, ABO Pulse covers all areas of operations including Key Performance Indicators, Donor Services, Inventory Management, Laboratory Services, Hospital Services and Quality Assurance. Facilities also have the option to add customized charts specific to their center.

Designed with the client in mind, ABO Pulse lets you drill down into the details with just a click, filter data by variables such as facility or product category, specify date ranges (going back as much as two years), and employ synchronous highlighting to compare data across multiple charts. The tool can also be configured for frequent updates to help you stay on top of the latest data.

With minimal technology setup, this hosted solution allows for a streamlined implementation with low initial costs. The simple setup and configuration allows ABO Pulse to be usable in days, not months. Multiple system checks ensure that staff sees only organization-level (aggregate) data; live data is protected from updates and no donor or patient specific data security is breached.

Implementation of ABO Express application is required for operation of ABO Pulse.

Blood Bank Recruitment

Supercharge your blood center with the best-in-class recruitment solution, ABO Recruit™. ABO Recruit enables you to gain control of your scheduling process and maximize your blood drives.

ABO Recruit uses the power behind ABO Wheels and ABO Express to take the guess work out of your marketing and recruitment efforts. From tracking of recruitment campaigns to donor behavior, you can stay connected to your donors in a way like never before.

Take it even further with the FLOW CRM, provided by Degree 37. With out of the box integration, these systems have been carefully crafted to create an industry-leading CRM synced to ABO Suite for a seamless donor and staff experience.

Powerful Features of ABO Recruit

  • Real-time appointment calendar
  • Donor scheduling and integrated DHQ
  • Donor tele-recruitment
  • Fully integrated into the ABO Suite and FLOW
    • See appointments right in ABO Wheels
    • Access to full donor record when scheduling appointments
    • Import drives in real time with drive management software

Additionally, the Degree 37 provided custom blood donor app will give your donors access to your blood center from the palm of their hands for scheduling and donation history. ABO QuickPass is also accessible directly through the mobile app, making it easy for donors complete their Donor History Questionnaires in just a few clicks.

Cloud based solution. Implementation of ABO Express is required.

Key Benefits of the ABO Suite


Purpose-built, integrated system

Unlike some other BECS offerings that are groupings of disparate products or legacy institutional applications, each component of the ABO Suite was carefully designed by the BBCS team of blood banking industry experts and then programmed by our in-house development professionals applying the latest in software functionality best practices. All of the applications share common business logic, features, tools, and user-friendly interfaces to make them operate seamlessly and efficiently together.


Single database

All of the ABO Suite applications share a master database. Eliminating manual entry of data at multiple points in the blood management process increases efficiency and data quality, preventing errors from being introduced. The shared database along with a feature-rich, bi-directional Blood Collections Interface (BCI) eliminates the need to set up complex data interfaces between the applications, and also provides sophisticated tracking and reporting across the entire enterprise.



We understand the complex technology environment of healthcare organizations today, so we’ve made it as easy as possible for the ABO Suite applications to “talk” to other systems, devices, and applications. In fact, we believe in working closely with you and your third-party vendors to ensure that systems are optimized for your environment. The ABO Suite offers multiple built-in options that allow it to be configured to meet your unique system needs via a centralized interface utility.

The Power of the ABO Suite Package

ABO Express is the core product in the ABO Suite. Together with ABO Wheels and ABO QuickPass, it provides a complete registration, screening, blood collection, and electronic donor record system with robust bi-directional integration.

Implementation of ABO Express is required for clients wishing to utilize the ABO Wheels application and the offline paperless features included with the ABO QuickPass application.

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