Government Agencies

Streamlining operations for public healthcare, research, and emergency management institutions with an efficient, and secure biologics management software.

The modern health landscape demands a comprehensive approach.

When you're on the forefront of groundbreaking work, you need software that can keep up with the pace and promise of your work. As pioneers in your space, cutting-edge biologics management software plays a critical part in supporting your success. Not only can it help streamline inventory management, but it safeguards sensitive healthcare information and research, ensuring a prompt response to public health emergencies in our ever-changing world.

Empower your public service with the best in biologics management.

Redefine biologics management for government organizations.

Government agencies can take advantage of the ultimate management platform for biologic materials. ForLife™ offers comprehensive reporting capabilities, strong security protocols to safeguard sensitive patient data and more, to ensure national and regional blood safety and security.


Four Decades of Innovation


Scalable, Customizable Solutions


Product Support For Life

Essential Biologics Management Software for Essential Government Agencies


Real-Time Traceability

From production to distribution to administration, ForLife™ enables real-time tracking and comprehensive traceability for blood, plasma, tissue, and other biologic products. If issues arise at any point in the movement of biologic materials, ForLife™ helps ensure swift remediation.


Regulatory Compliance

With our advanced biologics management tools, ensuring compliance with evolving regulatory standards is easier than ever. ForLife™ is HIPAA and SOC 2 Type 2 compliant. Furthermore, the Blood Bank Control System, a 510(k) cleared BECS at the core of ForLife™, conducts risk-mitigation processes before displaying results.


User-Friendly Interface

Say goodbye to clunky, inefficient BECS solutions that negatively impact user experience and productivity. ForLife™ is easy to configure to suit your agency’s needs and responsibilities, providing all the tools your staff needs to maximize throughput and serve the public good.


Security and Data Protection

ForLife™ prioritizes security, with support for industry-leading protocols and practices. With ForLife™, users can be defined by roles or groups to ensure sensitive data will be at the fingertips of any staff who need it, but inaccessible to anybody else.

See how easy it is to build biologics management software that meets your needs:

ForLife™ is a biologics management solution for...


Health Departments


Regulatory Agencies


Research & Development Institutions


Military Healthcare Systems


Public Health Agencies


Defense Agencies


Veterans Affairs Departments


Emergency Management Agencies

Benefits and Unmatched Features

Biologics Management on Your Terms

With BBCS and ForLife™ on your side, you have an infinitely customizable canvas to build a biologics management platform that meets the unique needs of your organization. Whatever your need, we can design a bespoke ForLife™ package that facilitates seamless donor management, inventory tracking, laboratory procedures, and more—with comprehensive analytics to check the pulse of your operations and ensure productivity and efficiency.

Biologics Software That Speaks Your Language

Public research institutions and health organizations can remove the language barrier between engaging with multicultural communities and collaborating with international partners and organizations.

As language-agnostic software, ForLife™ can be configured to support any language, enhancing your organization’s ability to surmount language barriers in working toward the common good.

A Biologics Partnership For Life

At BBCS, our metric of success is ensuring the fulfillment of our clients’ missions. To that end, we are dedicated to offering comprehensive support from our team of software and biologics industry experts for the entire lifetime of their ForLife™ product.

From day one of implementation, BBCS is here to lend a hand whenever you need it—from solving technical issues and fine-tuning your biologics management software capabilities to reflect shifting agency priorities.

Getting Started with BBCS and ForLife™

Discover how we help healthcare, emergency management, and research agencies fulfill their obligations to the public health:



Delve into ForLife™ with a demo by BBCS’s support team and discover how we can customize it to meet the unique needs of your staff, donors, and patients.



Set up a service level agreement (SLA) that best suits your needs, budget, and in-house technical resources. You can scale your SLA up or down at any time.



Get full onboarding support and training as we implement your new custom BECS – from discovery and development to final launch and support.