Meet Your Partners in Biologics Management

For over 40 years, BBCS has been a dedicated partner in the biologics industry, supporting everyone from local community blood collection centers to cutting-edge cell therapy organizations.


40+ Years of Experience


Unwavering Support


Here to Grow With You

We’re here to be your competitive edge.

Since 1981, Blood Bank Computer Systems, Inc. (BBCS) has been devoted to delivering the most cutting-edge and innovative solutions for biologics management. We don’t just provide solutions that solve your organization’s most pressing challenges and help you grow with your community—we become your partners with a firm commitment to supporting your organization and your mission for a lifetime.

We are dedicated to nothing less than helping you grow.

Our Mission and Vision

We provide flexible, integrated biologics management technologies and unwavering support to help our partners grow and thrive while they provide lifesaving care to their communities.

We Are Your Tactical Advantage

Our service and support puts everything you need to grow right at your fingertips and is laser-targeted to help you thrive in your field.

Our Clients Are Partners for Life

When you choose BBCS, you get 24/7, lifetime tech support and strategic insight, making us the last biologics management partner you’ll ever need.

Unique Solutions for Unique Clients

We design our biologics management solutions to solve your organization’s unique growing pains. The only measure of success that matters to us is yours.

You Guide Our Constant Improvement

We hold regular meetings with our clients to ensure we know how to adapt our services to meet their changing needs in the ever-evolving biologics industry.

Discover Our Technical and Blood Establishment Expertise

We are experts in blood center computerization, project management, training, and consulting with decades of experience across dozens of partners. We are committed to providing unwavering service from day one and constantly improving our solutions.


We build our staff from the best and brightest in the biologics industry, highlighting decades of diverse industry experience to help you succeed.

Scrum Development

Our focus on an agile scrum framework prioritizes risk management, adaptable solutions, faster time-to-market, and continuous improvement.

Project Management

Our team of expert project managers ensure honesty, integrity, and transparency in every aspect of the implementation process.

AWS Cloud Platform

Utilizing Amazon Web Services, We take full advantage in cloud engineering to provide convenient, user-friendly, secure, and scalable solutions.

Meet Our Leadership Team

BBCS is led by seasoned professionals with unparalleled expertise in both blood and biotherapy organizations and in software development and support. Our leadership team is firmly committed to having a positive impact on our partners and the communities we serve.

Brian Forbis

President & CEO, Executive Team Member

Brian has been a key figure in the blood banking industry, cultivating collaborative relationships with stakeholders from technology providers to testing labs. Joining BBCS in 2004, he returned in 2007 for a business development role, driving public awareness and upholding a commitment to quality. His journey includes roles such as Sales & Implementation Manager (2008), Director of Products and Business Development (2009), and transformative leadership as Vice President (2013) and ultimately as President & CEO from 2020 to present.

Before BBCS, Brian managed online projects at Keystone Resorts and holds a BS degree in Information Technology. He became a certified ScrumMaster in 2011 and a certified Scrum Product Owner through the Scrum Alliance. His notable impact at BBCS includes introducing the Scrum Method, revolutionizing the development life cycle.

Cathy Williams

Director of Product & BD, Executive Team Member

Cathy Williams

Director of Product & BD, Executive Team Member

Cathy is dedicated to ensuring that our products fulfill their risk management obligations and that clients are empowered to optimize their use. Cathy joined BBCS in 2006 in the Customer Services division. She became our Customer Services Manager in 2009, Product Manager in 2014 and Director of Product and Business Development in 2018. In her work at BBCS, she brings strength in client management paired with deep industry and product knowledge, and an unstinting devotion to service and product quality. Cathy oversees testing for all product releases, device verification and validation, and ensures that our applications meet regulatory requirements and functional specifications. She is also responsible for the plethora of user documentation we provide to clients.

As a Medical Technologist MT (ASCP), Cathy has been working with transfusion service laboratories and community blood banks since 1993. In those environments she excelled in technical, management, quality assurance, and information technology positions. Before joining BBCS, Cathy’s experience included employment with Virginia Blood Services and the American Association of Blood Banks, and work as an Implementation Consultant for National Institutes of Health and Atlanta Blood Services. Cathy holds a BS degree in Clinical Laboratory Science from the University of North Carolina—Chapel Hill.

Amy Lloyd

Corporate Resources Manager

Amy Lloyd

Corporate Resources Manager

Amy exemplifies the caring of the BBCS team and is dedicated to enabling employees to serve our clients at the highest level. She joined BBCS in 2013 to manage the Human Resources (HR) and Finance departments. In 2016, Amy also took responsibility of the Quality Assurance (QA) and Regulatory Affairs (RA) departments. She provides astute assessments of business culture, staff, and company policies, proposing and implementing improvements that consistently benefit the entire organization and our clients.

With more than 13 years of combined HR, accounting, and management experience, Amy possesses a broad base of industry expertise and the seasoned skills to establish and manage the day to day issues of HR—from employment law to employee relations to compensation and benefits, and everything in between. She earned both a BS in Business Administration and an MS in Human Resource Management from University of Maryland University College. Amy also holds her Professional Human Resource (PHR) certification from the HR Certification Institute and is a SHRM Certified Professional (SHRM-CP) from the Society for Human Resource Management.

Andrew Jones

IT Manager

Andrew Jones

IT Manager

Andrew brings a collaborative spirit and a meticulous quality and customer focus to BBCS. He joined BBCS in 2005 as part of the IT department and was later promoted to IT Manager. Andrew’s primary responsibility is for analysis, design, and development of software systems and tools and the administration of internal business systems. With a strong background in IT, Andrew also works with his staff to ensure quality products are manufactured and delivered for each new release.

Before joining BBCS, Andrew was the Operations Manager at I/O Concepts (now part of BMC Software), managing technical operations for the firm, which produces enterprise management software and solutions that support large-scale computing operations and provide monitoring for high-availability data center environments. He earned his Information Technology certificate from Renton Technical College in 2003. In 2014, Andrew became a certified ScrumMaster and helps to facilitate product development effectiveness.

Charlie Sizemore

Client Services Manager

Charlie Sizemore

Client Services Manager

Charlie joined BBCS in 2018 as part of the Technical Support team and was promoted to Client Services Manager in 2021. With nearly 20 years of experience supporting technology and operations, he’s passionate about taking care of people and building lasting relationships.

Charlie is responsible for all aspects of client related services and support as well as the implementation of all products and services.

Rebecca Simon

SAAS Service Manager

Rebecca Simon

SAAS Service Manager

Dive Into 40+ Years of Innovation in Blood and Biotherapy Technology

Go on a journey through four decades and counting, and follow the trail we’ve blazed in providing blood and biotherapy management software solutions the likes of which the world has never seen before.

1981 - BBCS History

Incorporated as Software Brokers Inc., (SBI).

1983 - BBCS History

Cascade Regional Blood Services (CRBS), (formally Tacoma Pierce County Blood Bank), contracted to locate a donor center software application that would support the current and future needs of a mid-sized facility.

1985 - BBCS History

When no system was found for CRBS, we partnered to develop a new type of blood banking software, designed to integrate all the functions of a blood bank operation while allowing the center to configure it to their needs and size.

1987 - BBCS History

The first Blood Bank Control System was implemented.

1993 - BBCS History

Software Brokers, Inc. was renamed to Blood Bank Computer Systems, Inc.

1994 - BBCS History

BBCS was notified of the FDA's intention to regulate blood bank software as a medical device requiring a 510(k) clearance.

1995 - BBCS History

Beth Simon purchased BBCS and assumed the role of CEO.

1996 - BBCS History

BBCS submitted their first 510(k) to the FDA.

1997 - BBCS History

BBCS received their first 510(k) clearance (BK960044).

2004 - BBCS History

BBCS received 510(k) clearances for BBCS Primary Application 5.0 (BK040056) and BBCS Laboratory Interface Application 5.0 (BK040087).

2005 - BBCS History

BBCS received 510(k) clearance for BBCS Mobile Application 5.0 (BK050013).

2014 - BBCS History

BBCS submitted and received 510(k) clearance for ABO Wheels 1.0.0 (BK140184).

2016 - BBCS History

BBCS received 510(k) clearance for ABO Express V 2.0.0 (BK160011).

2019 - BBCS History

Brian Forbis was promoted to the position of Chief Executive Officer (CEO).

2020 - BBCS History

Brian Forbis purchased the company and became CEO and President of BBCS.

2023 - BBCS History

Received 510(k) clearance for Blood Bank Control System V 6.0 (BK220790) for use with BBCS' newest product, ForLife Biologics Platform.

Discover the Difference Professional Relationships Make

Clients come are our priority. BBCS builds strong, long-term relationships with clients, industry leaders, and technical partners to ensure that we continue to provide only the best solutions in biologics management software.


Our clients include community blood centers, plasma and transfusion centers, cell therapy organizations, government and university research labs, and more—all committed to providing for their community’s health.


We work in close collaboration with industry leaders to keep our finger on the pulse of the biologics industry to better understand the needs of our clients in support of their missions.


Our industry-leading technological partners empower us to constantly integrate new and better solutions for inventory management, donor engagement, and more into our biologics management solutions so our clients can do more, easier.

Become a Part of BBCS

At BBCS, we are always looking for fresh talent to join our team—people who embody our core values of helping communities across the globe and have experience in blood collection, hospitals, healthcare, software, and customer service.

Great Perks

BBCS offers competitive employee benefits, including profit sharing, 401(k) matching, health plans, and competitive wages.

Work From Anywhere

We are proud to be a fully remote company, leveraging the full potential of a remote workplace to unite exceptional talents worldwide under a shared mission.

Social Events

Through annual all-staff, in-person gatherings, virtual happy hours, and other events throughout the year, we build strong, powerful connections no matter the distance between our home offices.

Current Openings

To apply to one of our current openings or another position not posted, please use the links below or email your cover letter and resume to our HR Department.

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