Service and Support

Get the training, consulting, and support you need to help your organization optimize your processes and make the most of your BBCS partnership.

With great technology comes great tech support.

Not only do we offer one of the most powerful and versatile biologics management platforms in the world, we also back it up with world-class support. We’re with you for the long haul, ready to adapt to your needs and goals to deliver high-quality care in your community.

With BBCS, you get more than software—you get comprehensive support to take your mission further.

Service and Support for Every Challenge


Project Implementation

Elevate your efficiency with seamless, fully orchestrated implementation of your unique biologics management solution, including custom tools tailored to the unique needs of your organization.


Data Conversion

We help you modernize your organization’s most essential data and seamlessly transition it from outdated, cumbersome databases to a new platform that makes all the data you need available when you need it.



From day one of the onboarding process and onward, as long as you’re a BBCS client, your staff gets hands-on training and support from our team to maximize the unique benefits and capabilities of your new biologics solution.


Operations Audits

We assist your organization with comprehensive operations audits, identifying new opportunities to improve your biologics management processes to ensure the highest standards of quality, compliance, and efficiency.


Biologics Consulting

Leverage decades of expertise in blood bank automation and the biologics industry. Our comprehensive biologics consulting support guides your organization to optimize your processes, compliance, and performance.


Disaster Recovery

Ensure resilience with our complete disaster recovery solutions and support, minimizing downtime and safeguarding critical processes in the event of natural disasters or system failure.

Service and Support for Every Challenge

Unwavering Service Commitment

Whether collaborating on custom interface configurations, conducting specialized biologics training sessions for your staff, consulting on product features, or performing a database conversion, BBCS is dedicated to being your ally throughout the entire lifetime of your system.

Live Support When You Need It

Our biologics management and blood bank automation solutions are backed by a level of dedication and service that is without equal in the industry. Our team swings into action immediately whenever you find yourself with platform difficulties to get you back to work without missing a beat.

Technical Resources and Support

Make the most of our biologics management software with exclusive access to the BBCS Client Support Portal featuring live support, service desk, and a full suite of resources your staff can review and use for free to maximize the benefits of your customized cloud-based biologics management software.

Client-Driven Innovation and Growth

We welcome input from our clients on application features and functionality. We hold an annual User Group Meeting and CEO Summit where we listen to our clients' feedback and use it to improve our products. Clients also have an established pathway to submit suggestions for enhancements logged through our BBCS Client Portal.