Hospitals and Transfusion Centers

Streamlining lifesaving care and blood donor programs with biologics management software built for the future.

There’s too much at stake when lives are on the line.

Outdated, legacy biologics management systems make it difficult to bring efficiency and accuracy to your blood donor programs, hindering your ability to provide the critical care your patients deserve. BBCS is your partner in bringing hospitals and transfusion centers into the 21st century, providing secure, flexible, and meticulously designed solutions that ensure patient safety.

You deserve donor management software in lock-step with you.

Navigating the unique challenges of healthcare demands a solution as unique as you are.

Hospitals and transfusion centers need a Blood Establishment Computer System (BECS) that can adapt to suit their needs. At BBCS, we work with hospital and transfusion centers to customize a BECS that seamlessly integrates with your existing processes and workflows.


Easy to Use, Secure, Cloud-Based Biologics Management


Efficient, Accurate, and Reliable With Comprehensive Support


Flexible and Endlessly Customizable to Your Needs

Find Everything You Need in a BECS With ForLife™


Real-Time Biologics Visibility

Track the entire life cycle of blood and biologics products, from collection and processing to distribution and transfusion, with real-time visibility into your inventory and processes. Our cloud-based BECS offers robust traceability to ensure product safety and quality.


Comprehensive Donor Management

For hospitals and transfusion centers, a regular and reliable pool of donors is an absolute necessity to deliver urgent lifesaving care. ForLife™ incorporates comprehensive tools to optimize your donor database and facilitate effective outreach to new and existing donors.


Advanced Interoperability

ForLife™ is designed to connect to your existing EHR and laboratory information systems (LIS) from a centralized, secure cloud-based platform. This facilitates collaboration, eliminating data silos, and enables your staff to effortlessly access and share crucial information across departments.


Regulatory Compliance and Reporting

Our development teams are laser-focused on the ever-changing standards for regulatory compliance. ForLife™ is both HIPAA and SOC 2 Type 2 compliant and provides enhanced analytics and reporting tools. At the core of our platform sits Blood Bank Control System, a 510(k) cleared BECS.

This is only the tip of the iceberg. Discover what ForLife™ can do for you:

A Fully Managed SaaS BECS

ForLife™ brings the convenience and flexibility of fully managed Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) to blood and advanced therapies management. With a robust, modern system built on secure cloud technology, you control ForLife™ on your terms, connecting your staff to the critical information they need, when and where they need it.

From a desktop to a mobile environment, ForLife™ puts the advanced biologics management capabilities your staff needs at their fingertips.

Limitless Potential

ForLife™ takes a proactive approach, assuring a secure and efficient blood donation process that seamlessly fits the complexities of running efficient blood donor programs, optimizing blood supplies, safeguarding sensitive donor data, maintaining hospital compliance, and facilitating effective communication.

Lifetime Product Support and Consulting

When you bring ForLife™ into your hospital, you bring home more than just a powerful and flexible piece of biologics management software—you bring home BBCS’s entire team of experts.

Our software and product support team is available to help you make the most out of your software from day one. From implementation and onboarding, our industry specialists are here to help you advance your mission with comprehensive support and continuous innovation.

Bring ForLife™ to Your Hospital in Three Easy Steps

Making ForLife™ an integral part of your hospital or transfusion center is as easy as 1-2-3.



Delve into ForLife™ with a demo by BBCS’s support team and discover how we can customize it to meet the unique needs of your staff, donors, and patients.



Set up a service level agreement (SLA) that best suits your needs, budget, and in-house technical resources. You can scale your SLA up or down at any time.



Get full onboarding support and training as we implement your new custom BECS – from discovery and development to final launch and support.