SEATTLE, WA – March 8th, 2016 – Blood Bank Computer Systems, Inc. (BBCS) today announced a new partnership with Blood Centers of America (BCA). This partnership marks a major milestone in BCA’s standardization initiative. Blood centers that are BCA members now have the opportunity to select a common BECS and receive a group purchasing discount, ultimately reducing their software costs, improving information exchange, all while gaining access to the cutting-edge technology of ABO Suite™.

“BBCS and BCA share a passion for this industry and for those we serve. This partnership is an extension of our desire to strengthen the community blood centers by delivering a robust, industry-leading product – ABO Suite™. We are looking forward to building long term relationships with each member of BCA,” says Beth Simon, CEO of BBCS.

“Our members continuously explore ways to become more efficient. We have a significant number of members already using BBCS and many members that are in the process of evaluating moving to a new BECS system. BCA Members that decide to move to BBCS in the future will be rewarded for standardizing and this in turn will benefit the total number of members using BBCS. We appreciate the chance to work with BBCS in a strategic way as our members continue to evaluate their decisions in this important area,” says Bill Block, CEO of BCA. 

For more information about how to increase efficiencies and lower your blood center’s costs, visit BBCS and learn about the feature rich benefits of ABO Suite™.

If you are a BCA member and would like more information about this partnership, please contact Nina Salamon of BCA or BBCS Sales.

About BBCS
For over 30 years, Blood Bank Computer Systems, Inc. (BBCS) has been a dedicated partner to the blood banking industry. BBCS has chosen to remain privately owned to ensure that we can focus on fulfilling our commitments to our clients, the communities that they serve, and the industry. By establishing an annual BBCS CEO Summit, hosting annual meetings with our User Group, and participating in industry conferences we have built rich partnerships with our clients, vendors, and industry organizations.

About BCA
BCA is a member-owned organization comprised of nearly 50 independent blood centers geographically dispersed throughout the North America, representing over 30 percent of the U.S. blood supply. Along with their core business of providing a substantial portion of U.S. blood supply, BCA members provide a variety of other services including, patient blood management, transfusion services, immunohematology testing, therapeutic apheresis and tissue and cord blood banking. In addition, BCA members provide a variety of human blood products, cells and tissues to the therapeutic, diagnostic and cell therapy industries.