BONNEY LAKE, WA – August 28, 2023 Blood Bank Computer Systems, Inc. (BBCS) today announces a new partnership with Bloodbuy.  Through this partnership, BBCS and Bloodbuy will work to integrate BBCS’ newly released, ForLife Biologics Platform™ with Bloodbuy®.  This integration will enable blood center customers to engage with their national resource sharing counterparties seamlessly, remove existing manual data transfer processes and enhance user productivity and data quality by eliminating opportunities for human error, all while improving user satisfaction by automating highly repetitive data transfer tasks. 

“We continually seek out collaborative opportunities to bring fresh innovative ideas to the industries we serve.  Bloodbuy’s exchange is a great example where through technology and collaboration we can reduce costs, errors and time for our users,” says Brian Forbis, CEO/President of BBCS.

BBCS and Bloodbuy anticipate the initial launch of the integrated solution being made available to ForLife and Bloodbuy users by October 2023.  Live demos of the integration are planned for the AABB trade show floor. 

“This partnership will lead to a truly game-changing level of technological innovation for our industry and its many stakeholders.  Never before has an industry-leading BECS system been seamlessly integrated with an industry-leading e-commerce platform,” says Chris Godfrey, Founder & CEO of Bloodbuy.

ForLife Biologics Platform™ and Bloodbuy® will be on display October 14-16 at the AABB Annual Meeting in Nashville, Booth #305 and Booth #441, respectively.

About Bloodbuy

Bloodbuy is a software and services company focused on developing cloud-based technologies that vastly improve how biological products are managed and disseminated.  Their growing digital network operates in the United States, Asia, Europe, and the Caribbean.  Serving over 100 integrated healthcare delivery networks, more than 40 blood collectors, and a growing number of life sciences companies – seamlessly connecting millions of blood donors to millions of patients in need.  To learn more, visit

About BBCS

BBCS has long been at the forefront of blood banking software innovation. For more than 40 years, BBCS has been a dedicated partner to the biologics industry.  BBCS is focused on fulfilling their commitments to their clients, the communities that they serve, and the industry.  Their partnerships enable them to attain their goals of developing new innovations in biologics technology that gives their clients a competitive edge while providing lifesaving risk management solutions.   To learn more, visit