AUBURN, WA – January 5, 2022Blood Bank Computer Systems, Inc. (BBCS) is proud to announce it will be collaborating with LifeSouth Community Blood Centers in the development of BBCS’s Next Generation, Blood Establishment Computer System.

The project, led by Brian Forbis, President and CEO of BBCS, will utilize combined teams of BBCS and LifeSouth Technical and subject matter experts. Upon completion, the system will be sold by BBCS and be available for BBCS’ current implementation base of 33 regional and hospital-based blood centers, LifeSouth and other blood centers in the US and abroad.

BBCS, provider of the ABO Suite, an advanced blood bank management software solution, first began the development of a new generation of blood management software in 2020. The new software will take the best features of ABO Suite and develop it with a cloud first approach while making many advancements targeted in helping blood centers meet their collection goals. ABO Suite is currently operational in regional blood centers and hospital-based blood centers across the United States.

LifeSouth Community Blood Centers collects nearly 300,000 donors annually across the states of Florida, Georgia and Alabama. LifeSouth has internally developed and utilized their Integrated Blood Bank Information System (IBBIS) blood management system for nearly 3 decades. In addition to the IBBIS system, LifeSouth has developed the Laboratory Information System (LIS), which tracks the disease testing for nearly 1.2 million donor samples annually.

LifeSouth is an excellent collaborator for our NextGen BECS system, they have a talented team of leaders, software developers & blood banking subject matter experts which will contribute in countless ways towards the project,” said Brian Forbis, President and CEO of BBCS. “Once completed we look forward to helping LifeSouth utilize the new software to meet their digital transformation goals.”

“BBCS has a proven track record of success with providing high quality, reliable software for community blood centers. We believe our combined years of experience in the development and maintenance of BECS systems will help us collaboratively develop a robust, dependable and modern NextGen platform for the entire blood banking industry,” said Kim Kinsell, President and CEO of LifeSouth Community Blood Centers.   


BBCS has long been at the forefront of blood banking software innovation. For more than 30 years, it has been BBCS’ philosophy to partner with the blood bank and transfusion professionals that work with the application every day.  These alliances enable us to develop new innovations in blood bank automation that give our clients a competitive edge while providing lifesaving risk management solution. Currently BBCS solutions are used throughout the United States with an install base responsible for nearly 1.5 million annual blood collections.  To learn more, visit

About LifeSouth Community Blood Centers:

LifeSouth is a non-profit community blood bank serving more than 125 hospitals in Alabama, Florida and Georgia. LifeSouth is committed to meeting the blood supply needs of hospitals and their patients by providing the highest quality blood components and services. To learn more, visit