SEATTLE, WA – January 15, 2015 — Blood Bank Computer Systems, Inc. (BBCS) today announced that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has declared 510(k) clearance for its new ABO Wheels™ product, an essential part of the ABO Suite™. ABO Wheels is the second product in the ABO Suite to receive 510(k) clearance; the first one being ABO QuickPass™. ABO Wheels is a major breakthrough in blood bank software solutions. “ABO Wheels is another example of BBCS investing in new technology that makes us poised for the future and further demonstrates our commitment to the blood banking industry,” says Beth Simon, CEO of BBCS.

ABO Wheels allows blood centers to conduct efficient, safe, paperless processing for registration, questionnaire, screening, and collection at a reduced cost per donation. This comprehensive world-class mobile blood-collection application can be used either at a collection facility or at a non-fixed site, regardless of connectivity to the main database, and is able to control multiple blood drives or remote events simultaneously. “Real-time entry of blood collection information and comprehensive data transfer to the BECS unlocks many opportunities for blood centers to escape the burden of double entry, or manual data entry. Ultimately, allowing blood to move through the supply chain at an accelerated rate and a lower cost,” says Brian Forbis, vice president of BBCS, who also explained that ABO Wheels also includes the ability to scan donor fingerprints – the latest in secure donor identification technology.

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To view the Indications for Use and 510(k) Summary, visit the FDA’s website.