The newest suite of products from BBCS, ABO Suite™, was recently featured in the October issue of CAP Today magazine. To read the full article, navigate to page 24 in the publication viewer.

ABO Suite™ is a next-generation Blood Establishment Computer Software (BECS) solution that offers unparalleled functionality, ease, and efficiency. It incorporates the knowledge gained from decades of experience and builds on our robust BBCS business logic. Above all, we listened to feedback from customers to design and develop a system that would truly serve community blood centers today and well into the future. This leading-edge solution supports all facets of your operations: donor management, order fulfillment, inventory management, patient services, transfusion, compliance, and reporting.

The three products that are featured in the article are the first products out of the ABO Suite™ that will be available for implementation next year – ABO QuickPass™, ABO Wheels™, and ABO Express™. ABO QuickPass™ and ABO Express™ are both 510(k) cleared while ABO Wheels™ has been submitted to the FDA and is pending approval.