AUBURN, WA – April 4th, 2017 – Blood Bank Computer Systems, Inc. (BBCS) today announced that they have secured a new ABO Suite™ contract with Michigan Blood (MICH). Michigan Blood joins several others that have elected to jump start their ABO Suite project through the use of our Implementation Services Team. BBCS Implementation staff work in tandem with Michigan Blood’s staff to streamline the new feature training and system configuration requirements, as well as provide project management surrounding the BECS implementation.

“With ABO Suite, we set out to modernize the process of giving blood beginning with the initial software implementation, all the way to the end donor experience. By offering BBCS Implementation Specialists and project management, clients gain the knowledge and expertise of past implementation experiences and best practices throughout the industry. Our team has the first-hand knowledge of how to transition from a legacy system or a past BBCS release, to take advantage of the latest industry-leading features that ABO Suite provides,” says Brian Forbis, Vice President of BBCS.

“We are keen to retain our donors, and it is important to enhance our systems to help us do so,” says Jim Wilson, president of Michigan Blood. “We are positive that adding this new software module will improve the donation experience by making the screening process more convenient. This will increase the donors’ likelihood to return and make repeat donations.”

ABO Suite™ is a next-generation Blood Establishment Computer Software (BECS) solution that has consistently led the industry, helping blood centers to run their operations more effectively, decrease data entry errors, and increase processing throughout. Most importantly, clients have been able to enhance their competitiveness and reduce costs.

If you haven’t seen ABO Suite in action and would like to receive a demonstration, please contact BBCS Sales.

About BBCS
For over 30 years, Blood Bank Computer Systems, Inc. (BBCS) has been a dedicated partner to the blood banking industry. BBCS has chosen to remain privately owned to ensure that we can focus on fulfilling our commitments to our clients, the communities that they serve, and the industry. By establishing an annual BBCS CEO Summit, hosting annual meetings with our User Group, and participating in industry conferences we have built rich partnerships with our clients, vendors, and industry organizations.

About Michigan Blood
Founded in 1955, Michigan Blood is a fast growing, independent, non-profit blood bank headquartered in Grand Rapids. It is the primary provider of blood products and services for more than 60 hospitals throughout Michigan and is an established leader in quality and service. Michigan Blood collects more than 126,000 units of blood each year at eight permanent donation sites and more than 3,600 mobile blood drives in 59 counties statewide. Michigan Blood has a nationally recognized stem cell (marrow) program and created Michigan’s first public cord blood bank. In addition, Michigan Blood provides therapeutic apheresis, cellular therapies for the treatment of cancer and transfusion medicine consultations. For more information, visit